Single employer filing in Paid Family and Medical Leave

Single employer filing is for employers who wish to submit quarterly reports for multiple employees in one file, instead of entering wages manually in a web form. Single employer filing allows you to create a .CSV file and upload it. If you wish to test a file that contains information for multiple employers in one file, please visit the bulk filing page.

Download CSV File Format

Test your CSV file with Paid Family and Medical Leave

The .CSV file specifications for Paid Family and Medical Leave may be different from those of other ESD programs, so we recommend employers test their file formats ahead of time. The test process is not secure. Please do not upload real employee data and identifying information. Paid Family and Medical Leave is not liable for any data leaks from this test.

To submit a test file:

  • Prepare a CSV file based on these specifications: CSV file upload
  • After you upload the file, you should receive instant validation feedback.

Submit a test wage report