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What is an employer agent?

An employer agent, or third-party agent, is a business that has an agreement with one or more client companies to manage their Paid Family and Medical Leave reporting, paying premiums, benefit claims, or other related tasks.

Do employer agents need a signed power of attorney to report and pay on behalf of their clients?

Agents may file reports and amendments and pay premiums for clients without a signed power of attorney (POA). However, you will need a signed POA before our staff can provide you any information about your client’s account, reports or employee-level data. You will also need a POA to represent your client in audits or appeals.

If you do need POAs for your clients, download the form, complete and sign it, and upload it using your employer agent Paid Leave account. Please note: We must review the form before you can access your client's account. We are receiving a high volume of POA forms, so processing times may be delayed. We will waive penalties for late reporting if we are unable to process your POA in time.

Without a POA on file, you may:

  • Bulk file for your clients in a single ICESA file, or report for individual clients with an ICESA file.
  • Link to individual client accounts to report using a CSV file upload or manual entry.
  • Amend your clients’ reports via ICESA or CSV file upload.
  • Bulk pay using ACH credit (to get the instructions for ACH credit payments, email our Care Team with "Request: Bulk Payment Instructions" in the subject line).
  • Pay for individual clients by credit or debit card, ACH debit or check/money order.

Paid Family and Medical Leave has different bulk filing specifications than other state agencies. We recommend that you test your file format before submitting quarterly reports.

If you have a POA on file with Paid Family and Medical Leave, you may also:

  • Link to a client and view details about their account, reporting history and payments.
  • File manual amendments.
  • Get information from us about your clients’ accounts.


What if the client has an approved voluntary plan?

Voluntary plan employers must report wages and hours, just like other Washington employers. Agents will not designate voluntary plan employers when bulk reporting. 

A voluntary plan is an employer operated paid family and medical leave program. A voluntary plan must be approved by the department. Learn more about voluntary plans on our voluntary plan page.

How should Paid Family and Medical Leave appear on a paystub or W2?

The Paid Family and Medical Leave statute doesn’t address this question and it should be addressed to a tax or payroll expert.

What if a client doesn't have a UBI number?

A Unified Business Identifier (UBI) is a 9-digit number issued by the Washington Department of Revenue (DOR) when a business is licensed in our state. Employers in our state are required to register with DOR.

UBI numbers can be looked up by business name on the DOR website.